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Rehabilitated 1130+

Muskan Sansthan / Rehabilitated 1130+

Child- Line 1098

Muskan Sansthan provide Shelters to those childeran who are destitute, deprived, living in stress, poor, abandoned or exploited live in these homes. There are 200 children (150 Boy & 50 Girls) living in Muskan Sansthan with facilities such as shelter,food and adequate education.

A qualified team of staff, which includes warden, caretakers and medical practitioners, are appointed to take care of these children. Sports facilities are also provided in order to have the integrated development of the children. Facility of counselor is also provided to children to overcome them from depressions.

The children from all over the district, whose father or mother or either is not alive, the financial condition of the family is deprived and has no shelter are being admitted in this children home. In absence of their parents the children have no daily routine of life, in such circumstances we have fixed a Time-Table for them.

By keeping children engaged with different activities like games, sports, cultural activities, educational activities etc. to develop their mental status. All the children are admitted in the nearby government schools right from class 1st to 12th. A Study room is provided for the children to study in the hostel, which is completely equipped with all study material like charts, text books, news papers etc. After completing his/her 10th or 12th Muskan Sansthan provide him/her vocational training or industrial training and after training he/she will provided a job. So, that he/she cannot get deprived in market and his life happily.

So far MUSKAN SNATSHAN has given shelter to more then 1130 to destitute children in our 27 year journey many of our children working in big companies.