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Provided services to 1310+

Muskan Sansthan / Provided services to 1310+


i) Eye camp:

For improving the eyesight by natural ways using unique concept Muskan Sansthan does Eye camp in entire region. The objective is to provide free treatment to all and promote natural ways of improving eye sight and to help those who have been turned away as non-treatable cases by medical fraternity. Many cases were operated free of cost with instruments and equipments brought by the team. On being asked about their feelings about providing services for the downtrodden people of the schedule tribes, he commented, “The smile brought to the patients after the treatment is over whelming and that is the ultimate reward”. He further remarked “We do not want anything but the gratitude on the face of the patients is what we work for”

ii) Blood donation camp :

Voluntary blood donation Camps – recruitment and retention are about people and community, about understanding them, capturing their interest and influencing their behavior. The main communicating task for both blood donor recruitment and retention should be geared towards getting public understanding about the importance and triggering a response for action

iii) Health Awareness Programmes:

Muskan Sansthan organizes awareness programs on health and personal hygiene for the slum community and for underprivileged children for spreading awareness in the schools and slums on various health issues.

iv) Nutritional Support :

Many families come from weaker sections who need nutritional support especially children who are admitted in government hospitals and whose parents cannot afford food and find it very difficult to take care of their children. Muskan Sansthan voluntarily supports to these underprivileged children by providing them nutritional kits.

As of now MUSKAN SANSTHAN has provided services to more then 1310 people through health sector.